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About Coolstar

Coolstar Technology, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, was founded in July 2014 in Sunnyvale, California. The company raised three rounds of funding and established strong partnerships with the world's top foundry and tier-1 customers.
With its proprietary transistors and cutting-edge circuit designs, Coolstar presents power management solution breakthroughs that offer the highest efficiency with the smallest form factor.
Coolstar's innovative solutions have a wide range of applications from the Internet of Things, mobile devices, data centers and anything needing power for wired and wireless connectivity, including high data rate equipment supporting 5G. Coolstar's technologies provides revolutionary power density, resulting in cooler system operations, extended battery life for mobile devices, higher efficiency, less heat generation, and ultimately a greener Earth.

Company Mission

Coolstar is dedicated to developing products with our proprietary MOSFET technology that provides best in class performance, gives consumers energy savings and provides the next step in eco friendly power management solutions.

LEAP to success

Technology Overview

Technology Overview - Layers

Coolstar develops efficient power management solutions based on the vertical integration of proprietary devices, cutting-edge designs and customized passive components.

  • Transistor Level

    The foundation of the solutions is the proprietary transistor; the fastest power device in the industry. Our elegant device structure and unique process technology platform simultaneously enables high efficiency, high frequency and high levels of integration.

  • Design Level

    Operating on the optimized process technology platform, Coolstar's design team has the freedom to design integrated circuits that push the limits of speed and power density while producing robust solutions.

  • Solution Level

    Customized inductors and system assembly are co-developed with strategic partners to achieve harmonious end solutions that minimize parasitics and enhance the core technologies.


Coolstar offers power efficient solutions for two major applications:

Communication Infrastructure


The migration of data processing to the cloud is fueling the quick expansion of data centers.  This market sector is expected to grow rapidly, driven by applications such as deep machine learning, self-driving cars, intelligent cities, voice and image recognition, etc.   Along with these advances come the challenges of increasingly high operation costs and heat. In today's data centers, the major issues tackled by Coolstar's power management solutions are in system building blocks like opt transceivers, point of load conversion, and efficient memory power.

Our breakthrough process technologies coupled with cutting-edge designs bring a 6X improvement in power density. That enables a drastic decrease in the processors' power consumption and saves dramatically in energy costs.

Mobile, Wearable and IoT


For mobile, wearable and IoT device applications, our technologies enable higher switching frequencies allowing the use of much smaller passive components. Along with versatile packaging techniques, Coolstar offers power solutions with smaller footprints and lower profiles. Compared to the state-of-the-art, our solutions increase power density by 3X. Moreover, with more than 25% power loss reduction, Coolstar's products help to extend battery life.

About Us

Top Quality Team

Dr. Xiaotong Lin, CEO
Dr. Lin has been the CEO since Coolstar Technology was founded in 2014. Under her leadership, the company raised three rounds of funding, hired top industry talent, and entered the preproduction phase.
From 2005 to 2014, Dr. Lin was a Senior Principle Scientist at Broadcom responsible for ASIC architecture Read Channel and Gigabit Ethernet chips. Before joining Broadcom, she was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies. She has 10 granted patents.
Coolstar has more than 35 talented employees in US headquarter and in Asia (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan), having deep experience in semiconductor technology, design, operations, applications, and sales. More than 50% of the team has start-up experience, bringing in innovative ideas to help us continue to succeed in our mission.
"We are excited to announce our new headquarter in Santa Clara, California which will help attract top talents in the US and expand our global talent reach and success." Xiaotong Lin, CEO.

Our Partners

Coolstar has a solid and reliable partnership with the top foundry in the world to manufacture our products. Coolstar has strong relationships with customers for optimal power solutions for a great variety of applications.

Our Investors

The company secured seed funding in 2014, series A funding in 2015 and pre-B funding in 2016, backed by top-tier venture capital firms and strategic corporate investors.

Contact Us

Coolstar Technology, Inc.
3110 Coronado Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: (408) 657-0608
Fax: (650) 276-7638

Email: contact@coolstartechnology.com


Coolstar not only provides an innovative technology platform that enables disruptive power solutions for its customers; but provides a unique career development platform that attracts top industry talent and enables them to reach their greatest potential.

If you are a passionate professional who wants to join our exciting and adventurous journey, who has the ambition and faith to make cool products with tremendous differentiation from the state-of-the-art, who would like to pursue the happiness rewarded from hard and smart work, please contact us for available position openings.

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